Parody videos give creative outlet to English 12 students

Brittney Palik

What is the best way to review after reading a book as a class? Some teachers would give a test, but English teacher Samantha Ladwig had a different idea in mind for her English 12 students. Instead, the students created parody videos over the book And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

The book is about 10 people who are invited to an island. These 10 people all have one thing in common: they committed a murder that was untouched by the law because it was deemed an accident. Whoever invited them decided to take matters into their own hands and kill them all according to a nursery rhyme called “Ten Little Indians.”

“The purpose of assigning the video project was to allow the students to show their understanding of the mystery novel in a creative way. We could just take a test over the book, but the parody videos show me more about the students as individuals and how they can work collaboratively to produce something both educational and entertaining,” Ladwig said.

A perk to this assignment was the ability to be creative.

“It was supposed to be a parody video, so we stretched the deaths in a silly way. For instance, someone in the book was killed by a marble bear clock, so in our video they were killed by a large teddy bear,” senior Josh Escamilla explained. “One thing that sets our group apart from the others is that we explained why the 10 people were on the island and what crimes they committed.”

The two sections of English 12 were each split into two groups to complete the projects. See the links below to watch all four videos. Be sure to vote for your favorite in this week’s poll!

And Then There Was One

And Then There Were Leftovers

And Then There Were Substantially Fewer

Justice Wargrave and the Murder Factory