FCCLA members carry on cookie tradition


Neleigh Kovar

FCCLA Sponsor Tonya Zegers looks through the cookie labels. All of the cookies were handed out to students on Feb. 14-15.

Neleigh Kovar

FCCLA members took time out of their lives to make Valentine’s Day cookies as a fundraiser for the organization.

Even though it can be stressful, I do really enjoy making cookies. It gives me a fun way to interact with members and is a good way for members to learn about culinary skills,” FCCLA President Cole Martinez stated.

Valentine’s Day is a day that can bring out many emotions in a person. No matter what emotions someone is feeling, most of the students and staff at DCHS look forward to the cookies provided by the FCCLA Chapter.

“The cookies are a very stressful time, but I enjoy working with students making the cookies, ” FCCLA Sponsor Tonya Zegers stated.

FCCLA students worked on the cookies for one full week. They spent a few hours each day preparing the sugar cookies for other students, staff, and families.

The first days they created the dough and cut out the heart shapes. Then the rest of the week members spent their time frosting the cookies with different sayings from anywhere between “Happy V-day!” to an inside joke students have made with each other.

“I love the idea of Valentine’s Day cookies. When I get a cookie from friends and family I just feel really good,”  eighth grader Jaley Schultz stated.