Kindness wall boosts chain reaction

The FOR Club kindness wall stands in the elementary school lobby. Not only acts of kindness will be recognized on the wall, but it will also help promote kindness.

Allison Ramos

The David City High School Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club painted a wall in order to spread kindness throughout the school district.

The DCE Principal Ernie Valentine approached sponsors Samantha Ladwig and Meagan Lasiter about using the temporary wall for something. The FOR Club came up with the idea to paint the temporary wall located at the elementary with a big handprint in order to spread kindness throughout the school. Starting on Jan. 29, FOR Club members began by painting the whole wall blue. They then traced and painted a handprint on the wall to symbolize that everyone together can spread kindness.

“The purpose of the FOR Club wall is to not only help promote the club itself, but to also promote kindness across our district. The more people we can involve in our kindness chain reaction, the more successful our club will be,” Ladwig said.

The club plans on putting little handprints within the big one with different acts of kindness that teachers and students see others do. This will allow a lot of kindness that goes unnoticed to be recognized. The club not only focuses on spreading kindness and starting a chain reaction in the high school, but in the whole district.

Any student ranging from middle school to high school can join FOR Club to help promote kindness, and the wall is just one of the many things that the club has done to get the chain reaction going.

“I am in FOR Club because I think the idea of being kind and spreading positivity is a good thing to do,” senior Lauren Hoeft said. “I hope it continues to grow because it has had a positive impact on everyone at the school. I also hope it continues because the seniors started it, and I want the younger kids to keep it going.”

As the wall continued to get painted, many different members of the club took their access time to go over to the elementary to help complete it with the supervision of Lasiter.

“Aside from scheduling times to be able to paint over some of our students’ busy lives, the students have shown a tremendous amount of effort towards creating this wall. I also think all of those who have been a part of this creation will have a great deal of appreciation of the work they have done,” Lasiter said.

Putting in the effort and time to make the wall look finished will serve as a reminder of Rachel’s challenge. The FOR Club members encourage all school members to spread kindness all around the district.

“Based on the dedication of the students involved in painting the FOR Club wall, I think the end product looks great. I can’t wait to see the giant handprint full of smaller handprints with the acts of kindness of our students and staff scattered throughout. Then I will know our group is making an impact,” Ladwig said.