Filmmaking class brings out students’ frightful imaginations

Madisen Paulson

The filmmaking class here at David City High School created horror films that taught them some of the history behind the horror genre.

This semester, there are only four students in the class. With that being said, such a small amount of students gives each individual a greater opportunity to explore their own creativity and learn how to direct, film, and act.

“I hope that students gain an appreciation of all of the work it takes to make movies and look at movies in a different way than just sitting down to watch,” English Teacher Jarod Ockander said. “I would hope that the observations that they make would help them appreciate the movies themselves and the skills and crafts that went into the movies.”

At the beginning of the semester, the class started with a central image movie, then followed with the horror film. Throughout the rest of the semester, the class will continue to make movies including a commercial and a final project. Ockander also likes to add in an extra project where the class will make a music video or practice using a green screen.  

“My favorite part of being in this class is watching the other students act; it is hilarious,” junior Josie Cudaback said. “I love laughing at all of the bloopers.”

Filmmaking class isn’t just about who can make the best film or who has the best acting, students have to learn the history of each genre along with some of the famous directors.

“I love how creative the class is, especially when students look to make their imaginations go completely wild,” Ockander said.

Check out the four videos by following the links below and vote for your favorite in this week’s poll.