Basketball team makes enormous strides for program, years to come

Senior Chaquoya Givens guards the ball in the lane to keep Lakeview from scoring. Givens had the second most points on the night with 12.

Renee Backstrom

The David City Girls basketball team lost to Columbus Lakeview 37-49 in the first round of sub-districts on Mon., Feb. 12.

The Lady Scouts went into the sub-district game with a change in their game plan from previously playing Lakeview in the regular season. They changed up their defense to throw off the Vikings by starting in a 1-3-1 and after the first pass going into a man-to-man.

“We played a different defense because it was sub-districts,” Head Coach Nathan Wall said. “In postseason basketball, when you are the underdog, you don’t hold anything back. We played Lakeview earlier in the year and had a tough time stopping them, so I thought that we would mix things up. I am really proud of our girls for buying in and putting their faith in the coaching staff with this change. I thought that it was effective because it had Lakeview doing more thinking than actually playing. Our girls did a great job of switching up our defense and making Lakeview uncomfortable.”

The Scouts started off the first quarter with some stolen passes and missed shots on the outside and inside. They ended the quarter behind 7-12.

“Going into the game I was a little nervous, but we were so close to winning during the season game and we stuck with them for most of the time, so I thought if we worked just a little harder we would have a good chance of winning the game,” junior Macy Svoboda said.

Right before half the intensity picked up and some more shots started falling, making the Scouts have more fire and drive in them going into halftime only behind 17-19.

“We came out of the locker room with a positive attitude,” senior Chaquoya Givens said. “Only being down by two made us optimistic that we still had a chance to win.”

Coming out of halftime, the Scouts began in a different defense called lockdown one. The goal of this defense was to take out Lakeview’s best player. The Lady Scouts also pressed in the third and fourth quarters with the hope of stealing the ball and flustering the Lady Vikings. In the end, the Lady Scouts came up short and lost 37-49.

“The season went well,” Wall said. “It was fun. We were a tough game for our opponents, and we competed well. We were in all 13 of our final games.”

Throughout the season, the girls basketball team had their highs and lows. They ended the season with a record of 6-16, tripling their wins from last season.

“With losing only one senior last year our team didn’t really change so those wins came from us improving throughout a year,” senior Olivia Couch said. “To me, that is pretty amazing. We also had many close games against teams that would have wrecked us in previous years so I was really proud of that.”