Scouts face loss against Madison Dragons

Senior Chaquoya Givens goes up for an offensive rebound. Givens averaged 22 points this year.

Macy Svoboda, Co-Editor

The girls’ and boys’ Scout basketball teams took a loss against Madison on Thurs., Feb. 8. The Lady Scouts ended with a final score of 46-57, and the boys finished with an ending score of 37-54.

The Lady Scouts started the game with five of the seven seniors due to it being Senior Night. The tip off was won by the Scouts to get the game started.

The first quarter went back and forth for the first few minutes until tough defense by senior Olivia Couch resulted in a steal and two points for the Scouts. Toward the end of the first, a few fouls from the Scouts and a press break by the Dragons allowed Madison to take the lead 17-6 at the end of the first.

The second quarter started with Couch adding two to the board. Throughout the second, many fouls were made by the Scouts, putting Couch, senior Chaquoya Givens, and freshman Lauren Vandenberg in foul trouble. Many three pointers were hit by the Dragons as well, ending the half with the Scouts down 15-32.

After halftime, the Scouts brought tough defense. After a two from the Dragons and a freethrow from Givens, the Dragons received a technical foul due to comments from their crowd. The Scouts brought in senior Silvia Hernandez for two free throws. More fouls by the Dragons allowed for more free throw points earned for the Scouts, and the Scouts ended the third quarter trailing the Dragons 31-37.

The fourth quarter started with the Dragons putting up the first two points. Shortly after, fouls from both teams allowed for both teams to gain points from free throws. Halfway through the fourth, both teams went back and forth until Givens and junior Macy Svoboda earned two quick shots back-to-back. After those four points, however, the Scouts began to foul more, allowing the Dragons to receive free throw points. The Scouts ended the game with a 46-57 loss.

Immediately after the girls’ game was Parents’ Night. All seniors in girls’ and boys’ basketball and their parents, as well as girls part of the Cheer and Dance teams, were announced. All the other parents of the participants from the teams were also recognized.

Right after Parents’ Night, the boys game began. Throughout the first quarter, the boys played tough defense and received multiple rebounds, both offensively and defensively. A three and a quick layup by the Dragons made the game closer, however, the Scouts ended the quarter up 11-9.

The Scouts began the second quarter strong as junior Nick Ruth picked up a few free throw points. After a few minutes of going back and forth, the Dragons went on a 6-0 run where they hit a few threes, taking the lead. The half ended closely with the Scouts down 18-19.

Out of halftime, junior Will Danielson made a three pointer and drew a foul. The Dragons then went on and earned a couple steals, allowing them to score a few more points. After going back and forth for a while, senior Colin Vandenberg pulled a foul, but the Dragons came back with a quick three. With a few seconds left on the clock for the quarter, Danielson made a three at the buzzer. The third ended with the Scouts down 25-31.

Beginning the fourth quarter with the possession, the Dragons protected and moved the ball more aggressively, earning points under the basket. The Scouts weren’t able to hit most of their free throws, but sophomore Josh Seibert and Vandenberg hit some outside shots.

The Scouts then started fouling under the basket as they went for rebounds, allowing the Dragons to pull away. With a few seconds left in the fourth, sophomore Brock Tiemeyer hit a three at the buzzer, ending the game with a 37-54 loss.

I think our shooting has gotten a lot better over the season. Regular season games have helped us by staying competitive in games,” Senior Riley Kirby said.

The Lady Scouts ended their season with a 37-49 loss against Lakeview on Mon., Feb. 12 in sub-district play.

“We were a tough out, and by that I mean that our opponents really had to play well to beat us. In our last 13 games, we were in every single one of those games. To beat us, teams had to execute in the fourth quarter and make free throws and get stops,” Girls’ Head Coach Nathan Wall said. “It was a fun and successful year.”

The boys will play on Fri., Feb. 16 at home against Clarkson-Leigh and will start their first round of sub-districts at Columbus High School against Lakeview on Mon., Feb 19 at 6 o’clock.