What do you want to BE?

Courtesy Photo- Tessa Vrbicky
Although the team has only a few boys, they definitely bring the masculinity. Left to right: Josh Escamilla, Luis Lopez, Alex Rachow.

Payton McMillin

BE outstanding, BE organized, BE clean. This year’s yearbook aims to focus on these three traits as a way to improve the publication from previous years.

This year, Art Teacher Tessa Vrbicky and English Teacher Sarah Oltjenbruns took the job not only as educators, but as yearbook staff advisers. The two were both eagerly ready to jump in to discover and present the story of David City High School’s students.

Oltjenbruns was welcomed to DCHS as a middle school English teacher. This benefits the staff greatly with having a proofreader right at their fingertips. Vrbicky accepted the role as an art teacher, also benefiting the staff with her creative eye and artistic ability.

Bringing in new advisers opened up an alternative environment that could benefit the staff. Vrbicky and Oltjenbruns also hold high expectations for their members.

“Yearbook isn’t just a class. It’s a business,” Oltjenbruns said. “We produce and market a product (the yearbook). Literally our school has invested thousands of dollars into the yearbook we produce, so I expect that staff members will give their best effort to produce a high quality product. As fun as class can be, there’s also a lot of time and effort invested into the yearbook creation process. ”

Vrbicky and Oltjenbruns hope to see a positive and team-oriented staff to work together and create a flawless yearbook. This year’s theme is BE; a symbol of who or what you want to BE.

“Yearbook is an ongoing process of brainstorming, collaborating, and compromising. The best part of teaching yearbook is seeing students work together, come to a decision while respecting others’ ideas, and construct creative work! This doesn’t happen every day, but when it does happen, it’s the best part of my day,” Oltjenbruns said.

The 2017-18 staff started out with only five members, gaining six new members at the start of second semester. This was done by advertising and promoting the importance of the yearbook. The original staff included: juniors Allison Ramos, Madisen Paulson, and Evelyn Carreto, and seniors Payton McMillin and Josh Escamilla. Members who joined at second semester include: freshman Alex Rachow, sophomores Jaymee Lee and Skylar Busch, junior Eli Alvarado, and seniors Ciera Poulas and Luis Lopez.

Sadly, as technology thrives, yearbook sales decrease. In previous years the spending used on the yearbook wasn’t necessarily under budget. This year, the staff has been selling company/senior ads and the yearbook itself.

“Without your support, yearbook may be a thing of the past, and we want to carry on this tradition! Although we are all very appreciative of those who have purchased yearbooks this year and in the past, we have set a goal to sell more yearbooks this year than previous years. With the support from the student body, you could help us reach that goal by purchasing your yearbook,”  Vrbicky said.

Yearbooks are still able to purchase for $50. Senior ads are also available now. See a staff member for more information.